At a distance of 4 km on the old path of exploration of the mine starts it at an altitude of 1860 meters. Walking down between farms and ranches in recovery overcome the 2000 meters high, on the dividing line between the waters of Old Rivers and Water Zarco, at this altitude the atmospheric pressure change produces a lower content of oxygen in the air that we forced to breathe faster. At this point you can see the rivers and waters Old Zarco, the row Chocosuela the Cerro Pelon, El Siete and el avion, the volcanic edifices of Old Volcano and Congo as well as the geological fault of Porvenir.

Besides, one looks at the heart of the Juan Castro Blanco Water National Park, the natural habitat of importance in the conservation and aquifer recharge in addition to beautiful panoramic views.



  • Shoes for walking.
  • Umbrella or raincoat for rain and shelter from the cold.
  • Binoculars or magnifying glass to look away or close up.
  • Camera, sunscreen, insect repellent.


  • Porvenir Volcano
  • Porvenir Volcano