Porvenir Volcano Tour

Located in Juan Castro Blanco National Park, the dormant Porvenir Volcano sits less than two miles south of fellow stratovolcano, Platanar. Porvenir’s volcanic summit sits 1,410 feet above the surrounding terrain, which is dominated by primary cloud forest. The remains of Porvenir’s ancient volcanic crater are filled with water. A second, smaller cone sits south of the main crater and a small lake, known as El Congo, lies due west. more

Green Lake Tour

t a distance of 4 km on the old path of exploration of the mine starts it at an altitude of 1860 meters. Walking down between farms and ranches in recovery overcome the 2000 meters high, on the dividing line between the waters of Old Rivers and Water Zarco, at this altitude the atmospheric pressure change produces a lower… more



Viejo Volcano Tour

In this tour you can enjoy a walk of about six hours round trip depending on the affinity of people, by a path where in 1980 some vehicles passing and in some places there are still signs of the path of the years 1940 – 1950 located within the Juan Castro Blanco Water National Park, reaching a crater extinct volcano known as Old Mine four. more

The Quetzal Trail

Trail conditions for people of all ages, easy to travel, enjoying the woods and knowing the nature and its secrets. Its wide variety of “aguacatillos” make this name to this path. more