The place to please the palate.  

In a rustic, cozy, and elegant environment, which surrounds our beautiful building constructed entirely of wood, you will find a quality menu where you can taste exquisite dishes of typical Costa Rican cuisine and taste other varied and excellent cuisine.

Some popular dishes included are:

  • Trout – the house’s specialty- is our restaurant’s most frequent dish. You will be able to fish your trout in the well where we raised them just one meter from the restaurant door, and choose for your preparation among ten delicious different shapes.
  • Gallo Pinto – Very traditional served at breakfast. Made with rice and black beans, grilled fried with onion, garlic, coriander and Lizano sauce (the traditional Costa Rican condiment). The Gallo Pinto is usually served with eggs and custard.
  • Casado – A complete meal that totally satisfies the hunger and always the most economic. Prepared with rice, black beans, a portion of meat to choose (fish, chicken or beef) next to a salad.
  • Rice with Chicken – A basic but tasty dish of rice with natural condiments and chicken.
  • Meat pot – A complete food with an exquisite taste and containing beef, vegetables such as potatoes, corn, chayote, bananas, yucca, noodle. Special to recover energy.
  • Fresh veal from our own livestock, cooked in different ways to have alternatives according to taste.
  • Excellent homemade dishes made by Grandma.
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